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Take time to your self while we clean your vehicle.

4.Cleanest Car Ever

Adore you clean vehicle, we promise it's the cleanest it has ever been.


Our prices are very competitive and easy to follow.

You will find it transparent and comprehensive. To see whats included in the services please click here.

Our most popular service, it is cheaper than our competition and provides you with an exceptional clean that will leave your car looking new.

This is for an exterior only clean. We won’t need your keys to do this service just tell us where your car is and we’ll clean it and leave it sparkling.

This is our basic service for an exterior and interior clean. We still provide you with superior service that will leave your car shining.​

This is for an interior only clean. We will need your keys to do this service. If you hate cleaning the inside just give us a call.

Our most comprehensive service it will leave your car in a showroom condition. If you haven’t washed your car in a while or you have pets this is the service to book. If you are using this service before selling your car it will increase the value of your car. We will also give you a free professional car valuation based on local market trends. This will give you more money in your pocket and a quick sale, not to mention an incredibly clean car.

Free car valuation for Gold/Pre-sale car wash.

Using Canberra’s Best Car Wash to wash your car can dramatically increase its value. We will make sure your car stands out from the rest and get your car sold quickly. We also provide you with a free car valuation based on professional 3rd party valuations and the local market trends. This will take the guess work out of how much you should sell your car for and get you the best price possible.

CW Prices

Small car $199

Medium car $229

Large car $259

Small car $129

Medium car $149

Large car $169

Small car $119

Medium car $139

Large car $159

Small car $69.95

Medium car $79.95

Large car $89.95

Small car $69.95

Medium car $79.95

Large car $89.95


  • Multiple car washes in one location - if we wash more than one car in one location, you will receive a 10% discount

  • Regular car washes weekly, fortnightly, monthly - ask our receptionist about the deals we can offer if you get your car washed regularly

  • Refer a friend and you get you get 10% off your next car wash and they get 10% of theirs

  • Pension card holder

We can clean all types of vehicles and at a price point that is unmatched by the rest. We provide on-site quotes free of charge so we can understand your needs and give you the best price possible rather than quoting over the phone.

Car wash extras

  1. Engine bay degrease & gloss – from $49.95

  2. Leather treatment – from $39.95

  3. Roof lining spot cleaned – from $44.95

  4. Shampoo seats and carpets – from $69.95

  5. Large 4WDs and 7 seaters add extra for above services

  6. Headlight restoration @ $39.95

  7. Sticker removal – price on arrival


  • Mud – from $10

  • Sand – from $10

  • Stains – from $10

  • Mould – from $10

  • Bugs – from $24.95

  • Tree sap – price on arrival

  • Pet hair – price on arrival

  • Unspecified surcharge – price on arrival

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