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Critical Information Summary

End of lease cleaning/Pre-sale Cleaning + Carpet Steam Cleaning

Information about the service

These services are only available to individual customers. Business or corporate customers may incur additional charges.

Description of the service
End of lease cleaning/pre-sale cleaning + carpet steam cleaning is a cleaning service generally used to ready the property for inspection by a landlord/real-estate agent. This type of clean gets the property in a condition that is suitable for another person(s) to occupy. The property is to be completely empty. If the property is furnished it may incur additional charges.

Prices displayed on our website are minimum charges and should be used as approximates only. Should you want an exact price you may book an on-site quote. Generally, our prices don’t change at all or stray too far off the minimum charge. However, prices are set by our duty manager upon inspection of the property and depend on a range of factors such as property size, how much work is required, difficulty of the clean, etc.

Bundling arrangements
You don’t need to bundle this service with any other Canberra’s Best Group service. However, you might be able to get additional discounts if you add other services. This needs to be mentioned at the time of the booking in order for the discount to be applied (if applicable).

Special promotions
This summary excludes any special promotions or extra value added services (add-ons).

Fair Go policy
The purpose of our Fair Go policy is to ensure all our customers can access our services, and don’t use our services including, but not limited to ‘non-ordinary’ or ‘commercial purpose use’ of our services. The Fair Go Policy also sets out your responsibilities when you use our services, including what occurs when the cleaning is unsatisfactory. It also confirms steps we may take to ensure and monitor compliance with this policy as well as setting out our responsibilities to comply with directions from regulatory and other law enforcement bodies. For more information see

Other Information
Customer service
You can call us on 0468435412 or email us at for assistance in booking or general enquiries.

Customer complaints
About end of lease/pre-sale cleaning
If our cleaning does not pass inspection of the landlord/real-estate agent you will be required to email a list of the items that need to be re-cleaned to within 4 days of the clean. We will then arrange a re-clean of the item(s) specified in the email within 72 hours. We must also be given access to the property. We will not perform a re-clean unless the inspection is done by the landlord/real-estate agent. For more information see


About carpet steam cleaning
Our staffs are trained in carpet steam cleaning and they will ensure the best possible outcome is achieved. If the landlord/real-estate agent is not satisfied with this outcome it is not due to the cleaning but due to the irreversible wear and tear of the carpet caused by occupancy in the property. It’s important to understand that some stains can never be lifted from carpets and high traffic areas can’t be made to look like the surrounding carpet. We reserve the right to refuse re-cleaning of carpets if the duty manager believes we can’t achieve a better outcome.


About our staff
If you have any complaints about our staff or management you may call 0468751412 to make a complaint anonymously.

Frequently asked questions

General questions
1. When will payment be taken?
Payment will be collected on the day after the cleaning has been completed.

2. What are your payment methods?
For normal customers we accept cash or debit or credit card. For commercial or business clients we may choose to invoice for bank transfers.

3. What if I have item(s) that I want cleaned but it isn’t on your list?
Our package covers your property to a real-estate standard that we have formulated to cover most of the agents in Canberra. If there are additional items you need cleaned it is best to mention at the time of the booking. We can cater to most cleaning types so please don’t hesitate to ask. We can also provide an approximate price over the phone.

4. Will the price increase?
If there are any changes to prices you will be notified on the day. Should you want an exact price before the day of the cleaning you can book an on-site quote which will give you an exact price.

5. Can I leave my house unattended during the clean?
Yes, you just have to let us in or arrange access to the property. You may request that we call you before finishing so you can return otherwise we will lock up and return the key. You may not be notified when we leave unless requested otherwise.

6. How many times will you return to the property for a re-clean?
Generally, it only takes one time to fix any cleaning issues. If a second re-clean is requested we may refuse due to the items requested for re-clean being unclean able or unreasonable.

7. Do I get a refund if I’m not happy with your work?
No, we provide re-cleans to resolve any issues and we use a checklist to ensure a consistent standard is maintained in all of the properties we clean. We also provide free re-cleans if there are any issues. In special circumstances where we acknowledge we are at fault and can’t rectify the issue we may provide a partial re-fund based on our discretion of the cost to rectify the issue. If your landlord/agent undertakes other cleaners to rectify the issue we will not match prices.

8. Why aren’t the cleaners here on time?
Our jobs are usually very large and take considerable time complete. Hence, it is very difficult to accurately predict when we can finish and move to the next job. If we are running behind or ahead of schedule you will be notified, otherwise they are most likely on the way and will be there soon.

9. Do you move furniture?
No, furniture and personal belongings will not be moved. We will clean around them the best we can.

For you to do before we come

  1. Ensure you have access to the property

  2. Ensure there is electricity and water in the property.

  3. Check to see if there are any fused lightbulbs and change them (this will save you from coming back again and make our job easier).

  4. Ensure all of the cupboards and built-ins are empty even the very top shelf.

  5. All of your furniture and belongings have been removed from the premises.

  6. If there is rubbish in the property it has been removed or you have booked our rubbish removal service prior to our cleaners getting there.

  7. You have read all of our terms and conditions at


For you to do after we finish

  1. If carpets have been steam cleaned ensure there are windows open and the property is well ventilated.

  2. Have your final inspection, if it passes say woohoo. If there are any issues that need fixing email us the list as soon as possible so we can return for a re-clean.

  3. Return the keys or hold on to them if you need a re-clean.

  4. Give our hard working staff a great review!

More information about pricing
Minimum charges
The prices on our website are our minimum charges, unless stated by our duty manager upon inspection on the day of the clean or at an on-site quote. By booking online you agree to pay the minimum charge as stated on the service you booked.


Furnished properties

If the property is furnished it may incur additional charges. This will be determined by a duty manager on the day prior to starting the cleaning or at an on-site quote.


Late payment fee

If you don’t pay for your service by its due date we may charge you a late fee.

Cancellations and rescheduling appointments
We understand your time is precious but please understand ours is too. We have a 48 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy. This is to cover our costs arranging and compensation, losses and inability to provide reserved services.

48 hours before the booking

  • No charges apply – you can cancel, reschedule, amend or change completely.


Inside 48-24 hours before the booking

  • Rescheduling – you will be charged 25% of the total cost of the booking.

  • Cancellation – you will be charged 50% of the total cost of the booking.


On the day/within 24 hours of the booking

  • Rescheduling – you will be charged 50% of the total cost of the booking.

  • Cancellation – you will be charged 100% of the total cost of the booking.


Frequently asked questions (continued)

Carpet steam cleaning questions
1. Can I Walk on my carpets after it is steam cleaned?
Yes, you can walk on it straight away as long as your shoes are clean.

2. How long will it take my carpets to dry?
Drying times depends on the weather and the amount of airflow in your property.

3. Why are there still stains on the carpet?
If we could, we would. If a stain remains, unfortunately it is there to stay. There are some stains the can never be removed.

End of lease cleaning questions
1. Do you guarantee that your cleaning will pass inspection?
Yes, but within reason. Our cleaning is done to a real-estate standard however; some agents and more so landlords expect a brand new house, which just isn’t possible. We clean the property so another person can happily move in. What we don’t do is build a new house. For more information see

2. What is included in this service?
For a full list of what is included in the service please visit

3. Do you bring your own equipment?
Yes, we bring all of our own things so you won’t have to do a thing.

4. How long will it take?
That depends on the size of the property and how much work is involved. You can ask the duty manager on the day of the clean and they will be able to give you a pretty accurate finish time.

5. I still have things left in the property that I haven’t had a chance to move, is that ok?
Yes, but if there is furniture, appliances and belongings present in the property we will work around them without moving them. If our cleaning does not pass inspection because there is dirt left over from where those belongings were we can’t take responsibility and return free of charge to re-clean.

6. My agent has asked me to steam clean the curtains, can you do it?
Yes, often we can do it on the same day and sometimes we need to take it away. It’s best to let us know at the time of the booking so we can ask questions about your curtains.

Frequently Asked Questions EOL

Click here for a downloadable version

By booking a service you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions outlined below. We solely reserve the right to change our Critical Information Summary without notice. Changes will be updated on our website.

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