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What Is Home Automation?

Latest Automation Technology

At Canberra’s Best Electrical we use the latest technology available which on the market and have unmatched experience when it comes to installing home automation systems in Canberra.


You can control and automate many areas of your home. Here are just a few examples of what you can control:

  • Lights of your home

  • Lock or unlock doors

  • Control your garage door

  • Air-conditioning and heating

  • Switches and plugs

  • Security cameras

  • Washers and dryers

  • Dishwashers

  • Robot vacuums

Home automation is the use of smart devices to control functions of your home automatically, by your voice and remotely by a phone app. A home that has automation devices installed are often called ‘smart homes’ and offers you many unique comforts and can increase the value of your house dramatically.

Here are some verbal commands you can use to control a robot vacuum in your home with automation.


Start vacuum

  • "Start the [vacuum name]"

  • "Start vacuuming"

  • "Is the [vacuum name] running?"

Stop vacuum

  • "Stop the [vacuum name]"

  • "Stop vacuuming"

Pause vacuum

  • "Pause the [vacuum name]"

Dock vacuum

  • "Dock the [vacuum name]"

  • "Send the [vacuum name] home"

  • Charge the [vacuum name]"

  • Is the [vacuum name] charging?"

How Much Does Home Automation Cost?

We can install home automation systems to fit all budgets. In recent years home automations systems have become extremely affordable.  We can install simple home automation systems which still have a large number of handy functions to complex systems where you can control every function of your home and even let you know if there is a window open. If you are curious about these options book in a free consultation.

Your Home Automation Experts

We are the preferred home automation installers in Canberra. Setting up all of these devices in harmony can be very tricky especially if you are installing sensors and smart switches. It’s best to call a licenced electrical professional with oodles of experience in home automation systems Canberra.

Energy Efficiency

Home automation systems isn’t just a convenience factor it can also save on your electricity bill. Have you ever left your home with the heater left on? With home automation system you will be able to see its status and turn off any appliance in your home using your smartphone.

We can go one step further with occupancy aware automation systems. This is a very popular service for new homes and offers you the latest in energy saving applications. It is possible to sense the occupancy of the home using ‘smart sensors’ so it will automatically turn on lights, TV, heaters, etc. when you walk in to the room and turn them off when you exit the room. The applications of home automation systems Canberra are endless. Talk to one of our licenced experts by booking in a free consultation now.

Added Security

If you are worried about your families or businesses security you can now merge automation with security. These systems are perfect as it will notify you in various ways such as:

  • If a door or window has been opened or broken

  • Vibrations of footsteps

  • If the temperature of the room changes

Rather than review your camera systems after someone has broken in you can now be notified and view your security camera feed live from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection.

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