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LED Downlight Installations Canberra

Providing you with the fastest service in Canberra, our electricians provide you with an honest upfront quote

Flexible Working Hours

Make a booking 7 days a week, our team is ready to go.

Secure Payment Methods

Pay cash directly to our duty manager or online with a card. Payment is only taken after a job has been completed.

Helpful Customer Support

Give us a call. There's always someone to help.

To Code

All of our work is completed to the highest Australian Standard by fully licensed electricians.

How much does it cost to install downlights?

Our electricians provide you with an honest upfront quote depending on the number of downlights that need installing and the difficulty of the install.


Our prices start from:

  • Downlight replacements from $30 per downlight

  • New LED downlights installed from $50 per downlight

Prices from $50

Are LED Downlights Better?

All new homes are being fitted with LED downlights because it looks modern, saves electricity, requires less maintenance and better for the environment.​

Some other benefits of LED downlights are:

  • Large reduction of heat emissions compared to halogen lights

  • Long lasting to 10 years or 50,000 hours or more

  • Fire risk decreased drastically

  • Never fuses only gets dimmer indicating need of replacement

  • Energy saving of 90% in comparison to halogen or incandescent lamps

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LED Downlight
LED Downlight Installations Canberra

Why choose us?

Most electricians are qualified to install downlights, but it’s best to hire one who installs them regularly. Not only do Canberra’s Best Group Electricians install downlights faster and more efficiently, we are aware of the safety issues surrounding downlights. We have heard of too many incidents of fires caused by the improper installation of downlights and it became such a problem that the government authorities issued warnings and tightened Australians Standards for downlights.


We follow these standards and:

  • Only use licensed electricians to install downlights

  • Make sure our electricians hold a current Electrical Safety Certificate

  • Only buy fittings that meet or exceed Australian Standards

  • Ensure that only non-combustible materials are surrounding and/or a safety tested mechanical barrier is included in the downlight installation

  • Replace more dangerous halogen downlights with safer LED downlights


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