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How Can Plasterboard Be Fire Resistant?

Plasterboard is made of calcium sulphate dehydrate which is known as gypsum. Gypsum is a non-combustible material and contains more than 20% crystalline water. When a fire is present the heat converts the crystalline water to steam absorbing the heat energy, keeping the other side cool until there is no water left, or the gypsum is breached. If you would like to book a free consultation from the certified fire rating experts in Canberra, you can do so online.

We Do It Best!

At Canberra’s Best our experience doesn’t stop at plasterboard installations, we are also well versed in installing certified fire rated plasterboard for residential and commercial applications to meet building codes and regulations.

Did You Know?

In 1667 the royals of Paris ordered that wooden buildings were to be protected by gypsum plaster? It is one of the earliest application of plaster as passive fire suppressor.

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