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Electrical Switchboard Upgrades & Repairs Canberra

Your switchboard is the heart of your home and acts like a control panel for your homes electrical wiring. If you are having electrical issues it is most likely caused by the switch board especially if it is old. In the recent years our appetite for technology has increased and so has our electricity consumption. Some older electrical switch boards just can’t handle today’s demand.

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The age of your house is not the only sign that your switchboard needs replacing. If you have encountered any of the following symptoms, it might be time to give us a call and find out if it needs replacing:

  • Do your fuses blow when you use more than one appliance?

  • Do the fuses blow more regularly compared to the houses?

  • Do you lights flicker for no reason or get fused?

  • Has the cabling in your switchboard overheated?

Do you still have an old fuse box with ceramic fuses?

Do I need to replace my switchboard?
Why are old fuse boxes dangerous?
  1. If a larger density fuse wire than what the cable can carry is installed, there is a potential to catch fire.

  2. If you have a look at your switchboard or fuse box and the fuse wire is sticking out of the ceramic holder, this is an electrical shock hazard.

  3. The cable insulation can melt and a fire can start due to the amount of electricity passing through the ceramic fuse.

  4. A fire can start from loose terminals.

Older fuse boxes can be dangerous for you and your family. The older fuses have a tendency to catch and spread fire easily. In some states you are required to upgrade it if you are installing air-conditioning units or solar power. You should really consider replacing your switchboard if you are using a high electricity consuming appliance.

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