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Canberra Smoke Alarm Installers

How To Install Smoke Alarms And Smoke Detectors?

  1. Locate the best place smoke alarms should be places - don’t choose a place near windows, doorway, ceiling fans or air-conditioners as the airflow may cause the smoke detector to be inefficient. It is better placed near bedrooms, passages and blocked corners.

  2. Smoke rises – we all know this, that’s why smoke alarms should be mounted on the ceiling. If for any reason it can’t be installed on the ceiling, then it should be placed high up on the wall but not too close to the join as it can be a dead air space.

  3. Photoelectric smoke detectors work with light. When it senses a lack of light from the source it triggers an alarm. So it can detect smoke coming from lightly burning objects. This is the reason why you shouldn’t put it in the kitchen, dining room or near fire places because the smoke detector will give you false alarms.

  4. Before installing the smoke alarm read the instruction manual – all smoke alarms either photoelectric or ionization smoke detectors will give you a comprehensive guide for installations and maintenance.

  5. Hardwire smoke alarms to your central power - This is the safest option for your family or business and it is recommended you hire a reputable electrical company to hardwire smoke alarm installations. The smallest error in the installation process can result in a life-threatening situation in the future.

Your recommended smoke alarm and smoke detector installers in Canberra.

The most important electrical device in your home is a smoke alarm. It is required by law to ensure the safety of Canberra’s residents. From government bodies to local authorities the safety laws are the same requesting individuals to use a reputable electrician for smoke alarm installations.

Protect your life and ensure you never have to deal with fire damage ever.

Highest Quality Everyday

At Canberra’s Best group we stock the highest quality smoke detectors whether it be photoelectric or ionization smoke alarms. We are experienced electricians and come recommended by real-estate agents and commercial clients.


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