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Pay cash directly to our duty manager or online with a card. Payment is only taken after a job has been completed.

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You can be assured that we provide the best service possible to all of our clients.

We are the leader in providing affordable and reputable residential and commercial services in Canberra and are backed by real-estate agents and corporate clients.

Give Your Walls/Ceilings Some Flare

If you are building a new home or you are renovating why not look into creative wall designs to really set your home or business apart from the rest? Our craftsmanship is unmatched when it comes to creative wall designs in Canberra. We will make your plans into reality.

Open House Living?

Other than looking dreadful, water damaged plaster board can be unsafe. Water usually pools in your ceiling weighing it down and with the plasterboard getting soggy, it can collapse at any minute leaving a nasty mess and potentially injuring you. This isn’t the only problem - if left unmanaged, it can be a breeding ground for mould which can spread and is hazardous to your health.

What Are Some Other Applications?

The most common form of this is an indent in the wall to showcase an item or curved walls. This can add a very luxurious feel to your home but this is not the only application. Partition wall design is a great way of separating living spaces in small and large areas. We can create partition walls with storage or a room divider with a table. This allows your home to appear larger and functional. There are many more applications, if you want to talk to the creative design experts book in a free consultation now.

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