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A Professional Guide For End Of Lease Cleaning

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Moving house can be a very daunting task but if you are renting in Canberra it can be even more difficult. The agents in Canberra can be pickier when it comes to cleaning than in the other states of Australia which means the end of lease clean has to be impeccable. Most Canberrans tend to use a cleaning company to take some of the stress out. Most cleaning companies such as Canberra's Best Group will provide you a guarantee of the cleaning passing your agents inspection which will help you get your bond back!

However, if you would like to do the cleaning yourself we have prepared a guide for you.

One month before the end of lease

  • Organise carpet steam cleaning. All realestate agents and private landlords in Canberra require the carpets to be professionally steam cleaned. It's best to book this in the day before you hand back the keys and make sure you keep the receipt as evidence.

  • Organise pest control. If you have had a pet in the property, then it is your responsibility to hire a professional pest control operator to spray the property. You can book this in as a package with carpet steam cleaning to reduce the costs rather than to book them individually.

  • Organise a gardener. Lawns should be mowed in the last week of your tenancy. If you are not doing this yourself organise a gardener. Canberra's Best Group has a great team of lawnmowers and if you bundle this with the cleaning they can give you great discounts.

  • Organise any repairs. Organise tradespeople with enough notice to repair property damage.

  • Cancel Utilities. Arrange a reading of your utilities, cancel/relocate phone lines for the end of your tenancy.

A week before the end of lease

Outside House

  • Remove rubbish from the front and backyards. Make sure to pick up cigarette butts and bottle tops.

  • Clean and sweep out garage, degrease floor and remove cobwebs.

  • Remove all weeds, prune trees and mow the lawns. To make it look neater use a blower to blow away the excess clippings.

  • Scrub the driveway with a stiff broom and degreaser to get rid of oil marks.

Inside House

  • Remove and wash all light fittings and change lightbulbs.

  • Wipe clean air conditioner and filters, ceiling fans, exhaust filters and smoke alarms.

  • Check and clean all curtains and blinds for dirt, dust and marks.

  • Check for fly and insect spots and other marks on the wall. Sugar soap and a sponge works well.

3 days left

  • Remove cobwebs from windows and around the property.

  • Clean windows inside and out make sure there are no streaks visible. Canberra's Best Group provide window cleaning in an end of lease cleaning package, but they also clean windows seperately.

  • Gently dust the flyscreens from inside and outside. Try to be gentle as they can bend and break very easily.

Tip: Using windex and wiping over will not clean properly especially on the outside windows, it will just push the dirt around. Use lightly soaped water and a squeegee.

2 days left

  • Clean toilets. Ensure you clean the fittings as well as the cistern and the pipes behind.

  • Clean living areas. Vacuum in the corners and inside cupboards. Get rid of posters, blu-tac and sticky tape. Pay attention to light switches.

  • Cleaning laundry. Pay special attention to the sink, below the sink, dryer surrounds and the filter.

  • Kitchen Cleaning. Focus on the dishwasher, stove tops and oven. Agents can be very picky when inspecting the oven. A general clean is not sufficient and the whole oven including the gap in the door needs to be cleaned. See how much it costs for professional oven cleaning.

  • Bathroom cleaning. Vacuum the bathroom first tog et rid of hair and dust. This will help in the cleaning process. Pay attention to the shower screen use bleach but make sure you don't mix bleach with hot water as it can be very bad for your health.

1 day left

On this ay the carpet cleaner will come and professionally steam clean the carpets. Make sure to show them all the stains you are worried about. After the carpets have been cleaned make sure you take off your shoes to not track any dirt through the property. You should also use a checklist to ensure nothing has been missed. You can use Canberra's Best Group's checklist.

On the day

Your agent will come to inspect the property and it is in your best interest to be present for this. Ensure you take a cloth and spray bottle to quickly touch up any issues. If they pick on larger areas which need to be re-cleaned make sure to note it down. If you are unable to re-clean the property, don't stress you can give Canberra's Best Group a call and they can organise an emergency clean for you. They also don't charge extra for last minute bookings!

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